Annual Chamber Awards

Norma J. Wallace Citizen of the Year

1967 – Mrs. C.R. Keeton

1967 – W.E. Hightower

1968 – Mame Roberts

1968 – C.D. Wortham

1972 –Wyline Pool

1985 – Marshall Robertson

1985 – James Chisum

1985 – G.T. “Mack” McDonough

1985 – Price Hanning

1985 – Mamie Gee

1986 – James Ogle

1987 – Lana Rideout

1988 – Harold Taylor

1989 – Duane Peters

1990 – Karen Krantz

1992 – Jean Norman

1993 – Coy and Wyline Pool

1994 – Norma Wallace

1995 – Area veterans

1996 – Carrie Waller

1997 – J.C. Waller

1997 – Linda Wall

1998 – Harold Taylor

1998 – Lana Rideout

1999 – Bob Williams

2000 – Ray Bledsoe

2001 – Jimmy Bearden

2002 – Howe Volunteer Fire Department

2003 – Jerry Campbell

2004 – Les Bennett

2005 – Wayne Swineford

2006 – LeAndra Beckemeyer

2007 – Roger Luttrell

2014 – Laura Duree

2015 – Carolyn Cherry

2016 – Monte Walker

2017 – Donna Wormsbaker

2018 – Janie Finney

2019 – Becky Hogenson

2020 – Clarissia Doty

2021 – Nick Upton

2022 – Michelle Carney

Jean Norman Volunteer of the Year

2019 – Sergio Garcia

2020 – Amber Carter

2021 – Brent Brunner

2022 – Kevin Crosson

Business of the Year

2015 – Independent Bank

2016 – Howe Enterprise

2017 – Independent Bank

2018 – Independent Bank

2019 – Howe Family Dentistry

2020 – Don’s Smokehouse

2021 – Guns N More

2022 – Good Fellas Barber Shop

Volunteer Organization of the Year

2015 – Save the Church (Howe Development Foundation)

2016 – Feed My Sheep

2017 – Keep Howe Beautiful

2018 – Keep Howe Beautiful

2019 – Keep Howe Beautiful

2020 – Feed My Sheep

2021 – Friends of the Library

2022 – Howe Youth Softball

Norma J. Wallace

Norma Jean Wallace was born on April 21, 1929, to Gladys McKinney Davis and Custer Violet Davis. In 1938 the Davis family moved from St. Jo, Texas to Howe, Texas. From 1938 to her death Norma resided in Howe.
Things that meant a lot to Norma were: Faith, Family, and Community. Her faith was supported within the Howe United Methodist Church which she attended and also by the Interfaith Community of churches In Howe. Her faith was supported by the citizens of the community in which she lived as well.
Norma loved being part of a community that supported Its neighbors in all aspects of life; the good times, the hard times, and times of tragedy. Having lived 57 years In the Howe Community she knew her neighbors and they knew her. This Is what she loved about Howe, the connectedness of the community.
As a contributor to the community, Norma was actively Involved In the creation of the marching band, the Howe Public Library, the Howe Historical Society, and the placement of a Texas Historical Marker at Hall Cemetery.
Norma quietly started a petition by local citizens advocating the movement of an on-ramp to Hwy. 75 located in Howe. Several accidents had occurred with this on-ramp, some resulting in deaths. The on-ramp was moved and Is much safer.
Norma had an instinct that when neighbors communicate and work together good things will happen and great things can happen.
Norma was a listener and a doer with a quiet yet forceful manner. At her death a faded newspaper clipping was found which she carried In her purse It summarized her lifestyle: “Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do which must be done, whether you like it or not. Being forced to work, and forced to do your best, will breed in you temperance, self-control, diligence, the strength of will, contentment, and a hundred other virtues which the idle never know.”
Norma was an integral part of the Howe community and proud to be a citizen of Howe. She knew great things happened when a group with a common background and shared interest cared about their city and one another.
This is still true today in Howe.

Jean Norman

Beginning on May 7, 2021, The Volunteer of the Year award has been named after Jean Norman.  She will go down in Howe’s history in much of the same regard as Mame Roberts – a truly iconic figure among all of Howe’s finest ladies. Her fingerprints of leadership are seen throughout the community from Ponderosa to Farmington. She was instrumental in forming the Howe Public Library and eventually the Howe Community Library. Her leadership helped breathe life into the former First Christian Church, not once but twice. Norman was a key member in the foundation and the formation of the Howe Historical Society in the 1980s and 90s and renovated the church previously to house a museum. Serving most recently as president of the Save the Church organization and chairman of the Howe Development Foundation, the group raised enough money to transform one of Howe’s oldest buildings into this event venue. The longtime schoolteacher has also been a longtime member and church leader at the First Baptist Church of Howe. She was named the 1992 Norma J. Wallace Citizen of the Year and was nominated for it again 25 years later.

The Jean Norman Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes those individuals who carry her values and her legacy for decades to come.